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Caribbean skills Bank

The Caribbean Diaspora Skills Directory CIC (Community Interest Company) was set up to coordinate a project to harness the professional skills of the Caribbean Diaspora to provide support, contacts and networks as a resource for the Caribbean. Phase one of the project is aimed at preparing a directory to serve as a valuable database in times of natural disaster.

Case details

Client name:
Caribbean skills Bank
January 2019
Launched 7th June 2019
Business Solutions

The project aimed to establish a database of Caribbean nationals from various walks of life, skills and talents to be able to respond to not only regional emergencies and disasters, but also, other national development activities. The benefit of this would be our ability to collectively pool our strengths and experience together, to address critical issues concerning the region.

  • Database

    To design and build a  database, which would result from this, would harness in one place the skills, talent, investment opportunities and philanthropic potential of the Caribbean Diaspora. As well as helping UK institutions and foreign charities, the database will help the Caribbean to attract the best talent from its Diaspora for paid work, voluntary positions and investment fast-track access. In the long term, the database can also help in connecting the potential of Caribbean professionals with Diaspora mentors for advice and support on the global stage.

  • International Partners production operations:

    We are excited about each new challenge as we would be discussing the challenges of the project with heads of states. With our innovative ideas, we contribute to the future of the Caribbean. When we develop a new solution, we first think about our clients. We anticipate their needs, respect their ideas and create a better tomorrow together with them.

We design and built a high quality website by recoding a premier recruitment website template and developed a database around the terms requested by the client data. This included from website registrations and applications, building a searchable database.

We then did intensive user research and presented it to  the high commissioners of the Caribbean to articulate our solution which then enabled us to tweak the website’s functionality.

Supported by a other organisation, the skills bank provided valuable support to the Bahamas who experienced Hurricane Dorian the worst natural disaster in the country.

Damage was estimated at over US$7 billion, and there were at least 61 deaths in the country. Another 282 people were left missing after the hurricane.

Due to the success of the project the skills bank held further discussions with officers at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) which then developed into received a grant to develop the next phase of the plan.

Techembrace has since been to the FCO trained the staff in the use of the platform