Client name:
Jessica Meade
21st Feb 2019
17th March 2019

The client submitted the m3 file that was 1.36 min long and contained the poem to music.

“Overwhelmed. It’s Perfect!!!”

Jessica Meade

Visual Poetry

There is a revolution going on in  the poetry world that is being nourished by Digital Technology

Advances and breakthroughs in the area of creative applications have made visual media a major ingredient of the Social media and  is quickly making poetry not only approachable, but widely available.

Digital skills have affected the role that the poets play in the creative process of any ideas that we had.

We were contracted to submit  examples of visual poetry (poems that are designed to be seen) through the works of Jessica Meade. 

The challenge

The challenge was to find video footage that supported and flowed with the meaning of the text in each line or stanza. 

We  used use the words  identified in the poem to help organise our search.

The poet then discussed with us how how well the video that result match the mood and meaning of the poem.

We only sent one example that was then tweeted to suit the clients needs. that was to remove people and focus only on flowers.