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aa mac

aa|mac is the only Apple Premium Service Provider in the UK, providing both on-site and carry-in repair services for Apple users.

Having been Head of digital learning at the APPLE RTC within the Crystal Palace FC for several years, it was honour work with them in pursuing the highest customer satisfaction, expanding their service locations and to offer excellent repair services for the full range of Apple products including MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Time Capsule.

Case details

Client name:
aa mac
May 10, 2018
Business Solutions

We asked to redesign their website which due to their high profile meant more than giving it a new look. It’s about having an all-in-one solution that gives their visitors exactly what they are asking for when they need it.

  • Booking systems:

    One the most import needs was to have  an appointment scheduling system  that allows clients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments through a web interface. When clients want to make an appointment, they go to their website and choose an available date and time.


aa | mac is  Premium Apple Authorised Service Provider that gives comprehensive support and repair services for Apple products. They had been asked by their clients about training courses that could be designed to help them get more from their Apple device. This would be done in conjunction with Bromely College

  • Marketing & maintenance

To use numerous digital tactics and channels to connect with their customers and be confident the website would also be functional.

This included personalization, targeting and interactive content. New video technology has taken their marketing to a new level, with engaging 360 ° images and videos that move from viewing into responses.

We can look after their website  – improvements, updates SEO and day-to-day help – we do it all in house.

We worked with aa mac to optimise the user journey to get users into the repair services quickly either by going through a route of finding their Apple product through the website and their booking system.

We provide all their social media with support, video guides  and information  streamed through YouTube.

The website is powered by a comprehensive, bespoke Content Management System that allows a mac’s administrator to manage the  key areas of the website. A chat bot on the  website to allow the administrators to create information and support  for new models and ranges as required.

The website is fully responsive with optimised views for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

This year techembrace collaborated with Bromley college to run Apple related courses in conjunction with aa mac

This year Techembrace collaborated with Bromley college to run Apple related courses in conjunction with aa mac at their coolege in centre you can see below.

The redesigned website made it easier for the aa mac customers to know about their services and offers. There was a substantial increase in service inquiry, home training services  and overall the client was very happy.