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A Bit About Us

T echembrace has its roots in digital technology.

And understands the demands and disciplines needed for a the digital skills required for the 21st centre.

Established in 2013, Techembrace has always observed the trends in emerging technology and now is proud to be able to offer an abundance of solutions and services, to help produce digital solutions to fit your budget.

Support in the planning and implementation of digital projects, specifically in identification of brand projects to leverage to develop and pull through the development of standards, guidelines and /or templates

We specialise in providing appropriate technology solutions to organisations by explaining the new technology to people in an easy-to-understand and pressure-free way.

In the complex world of social media, we have the know-how, to use the latest social media technologies, including blogging and online communities to promote enterprises, brand, organisation or event.

Every year we  highlight how  new ways a  business could operate and  employ digital technologies to enhance productivity, improve customer interactions and accelerate business growth within a particular  industry, among these have been a Law and accountancy.

Our current focus is the use of BIM  construction industries.

As an experienced educator of over a decade, I have successfully transitioned into the field of Instructional Design with a concentration in eLearning resources, run a a number of workshops that immerse audiences in training and ensure that learner are engaging with technology to the best of their ability.

Our solutions are not “off the shelf”, but are created and adapted just for you, making no solution the same.

Our Work

Techembrace can provide impartial advice on and support in identifying ‘emerging’ technologies that are currently disrupting industries and businesses.

Business Sector

Our work

Education Sector

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Becoming digital present an enormous opportunity for some, but comes with too many challenges to others.

We are here  to help you learn about the importance of digital for businesses and your own career, and get top tips  on how to market a business online.



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