About Techembrace

Integrating Digital Technology into Business and Education

Founded in 2014, Techembrace has been serving business, and education clients, along with charities  and personal clients, providing digital technical advice based on best practices, digital trends.

Our focus enables us to provide customized, actionable recommendations that draw on robust digital auditing, methodologies, deep area knowledge, extensive global networks of digital stakeholders, and expert synthesis across personal, educational, and business disciplines.

Techembrace specialise in providing appropriate digital solutions to organisations.

It’s important for us to understand the individual digital literacy requirements of an organisation and focus on those specific needs to create the appropriate learning solution to the environment in which it is to be utilised.

Products and solutions are integrated independently, and also work in conjunction with other trusted partners

Daniel Mullings

Every bit the proud Director of Techembrace, that specialise in providing appropriate technology solutions to organisations, explaining the new technology to people in an easy-to-understand and pressure-free way. My journey was not an easy one due to my fear of writing brought about through my Dyslexia and lack of support. 

This was soon overcome after finding that my Dyslexia came with the ability to perceive multi-dimensionally. Simply put, when a client tells me what they would like to achieve I can mentally visualize the problem, idea or objective from many different perspectives, whether by moving their perception to different locations or by mentally manipulating and turning an object, much like rotating a 3D model in a computer to look at its other sides.

The secret to my success, was due to the launch of the Apple’s first-generation iPad that had no camera. It didn’t take me long to find out how I could use the iPad as an educational tool and the role that it could work in my CPD, learning, and teaching that eventually took me to the role of head of digital learning at an Apple RTC

I have written coursework SOW and material up to level 5 HND on hospitality-related areas and have published several iBooks. It is for this reason I focus on the bigger picture, while ensuring all of my customers have the resources necessary to achieve milestones. It’s been my privilege to train, educate and mentor several clients, students and business located here in the UK and overseas, whose successful learning and careers began as confusing as my own. 


The Digital Learning Team supports the embedding of technologies in learning and teaching to improve the outcomes for all learners in the UK.
We do this by keeping up to date with local, national and global technology issues with specific reference to education and business, offering advice to schools/colleges Startups, SME’s and CEO’s on digital technology and its role in enhancing the learning experience.

We also offer a wide range of professional development opportunities for people, working directly with Apple, Adobe, Thinglink, Apps for good, design museum, teachers and students in the classroom and communicating with business, teachers, students, parents/carers and the wider world via consultancies, workshops and salons.