Innovation, collaboration & Tech

Innovation, collaboration & Tech

Techembrace is a company I founded to help users to use technology effectively.
What is the reason for this post?
I thought I would share with you some things for free, what I have learnt this year that you may or may not know.

1. During Tech week, I was impressed with the way the Fujitsu team approached collaboration, hence the video.

2. On LinkedIn, people were posting about Matthew Ball, who wrote The Metaverse, And How It Will Revolutionize Everything.
I decided to buy it after several comments about it.The book is intriguing but, more important, it reinforced my knowledge level on the subject.

3. I spoke to lots of exhibitors at the recent Exhibition about how Augmented Reality can add a virtual element to food packaging.
Some people said they didn’t have the skills and that it was too expensive.

A final thought was really thank you to all the people that collaborate, share knowledge and highlight the skills we need to move forward. #Innovation #embracetechnology


Tech moves at such a pace, the cover featured picture was taken at Crystal Palace study centre over 7 years ago long before anyone knew or even heard of the Metaverse. The video was from Tech week where I had the pleasure to see the latest innovation including driving a formula 1 racing car around brands hatch.

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